Music Projects for Brussels

Music Projects for Brussels is a Non Profit Company developing new formats for the city we live in. 

World Wide Music Festival: the best of the world's orchestras united in one festival, moving around the world in the same time-frame.

Mobile Music Playground: classical music concerts by and for all children (primary schools) of Brussels Capital Area.

ESCAPADES:a series of concerts produced by and for people who find themselves in a surrounding where they do not really want to be, such as prison, shelters, asylums called bellevue.... In a six month time frame, once a week we share how to be a concert hall director, covering music, musician, communication, staging and contracting...


Concerts for all children of the Brussels region in all of its community centers or in designated schools, both Dutch and French-speaking side, without excluding any other language. After a run-in period MMP now has a frequency of 40 concerts annually.
The concert is of high standard, both in terms of music and musician. Again here children make the -guided- choices after a couple of lessons. Focusing on music / concert experience, less on education. Each concert is followed by a meeting / workshop with/given by the musicians. Children are to be seduced into classical music. Children are preferably accompanied by a parent.