it's been a while, but still proud of what happened!

New Horizons @ Mariinsky Theatre & Jaani Church
2 - 7 June 2012

2nd June Valery Gergiev conducts the Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre Premiere.

Grand opening!

Mussorgsky / Chostakovich: Sunrise on Moscow River (5’)
Raskatov: White Nights Dream(20’) Russian Premiere
Escaich: La Barque Solaire (T.Escaish- organ)) (15’)
Mussorgsky's: Night on the Bare Mountain (13’)
Dutilleux: Le temps l’horloge (18’) Anastasia Kalagina (soprano)
Raskatov: arrangement of "Songs and Dances of Death" plus 3 interludes (28’) Sergei Semishkur (tenor) world Premiere

3rd June Andres Mustonen conducts the Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre

Staircase to Heaven

Wagner: Tristan’s Death. (12’)
Kancheli: Fingerprints (20’)
Silvestrov: Two dialogues with postludium (10’)
Raskatov: Alphabet of Death suite for bass and orchestra (28’) on poetry by Khlebnikov (Bass NN)
Silvestrov: Our Father (10’)
Knaifel: Prayer of Saint Efrem Serin (7’)

4th June Andrei Korbeinikov: Piano

Utopia: Skrjabin+

Raskatov: Angel (text of Aigi) performed by Raskatov and Elena Vasillieva
Scriabin - 2 Poems op.69 - 3 min
Scriabin - Sonata no.7 op.64 - 12 min
Boris Frankstein (Moscow) - "Poem", "To Icarus" Борис Франкштейн - "Поэма", "К Икару") (1973) - 3 min
Scriabin - 2 Poems op.71 - 4 min
Alexey Shmurak's (Kiev)- "Foam" ("Пена") 4’
Scriabin - Sonata no.8 op.66 - 13 min

Raskatov: Ritual (performed by Elena Vasillieva)
Scriabin - Sonata no.9 op.68 - 10 min
Benjamin Ellin (London) - Sonata (2003) (in russian - Бенджамин Эллин) - 7 min
Scriabin - 2 pieces op.73 ("Guirlandes", "Flammes sombres") (in russian "Гирлянды", "Темное пламя") - 4 min
Andrei Korobeinikov (Moscow) - 2 Poems ("A Verse", "I love the silence") (Стихи, Я люблю тишину) - 11 min
Scriabin - "vers la flamme" op.72 (К пламени) - 5 min

5th of June: Alan Feinberg (piano), Aaron Boyd (violin), Jesse Mills (violin), Nicholas Cords (viola), Fred Sherry (cello)
Concert at Jaani Kirik


Ruth Crawford Seeger: Prelude nr 9, Study in Mixed accents (arrangement)
John Cage: From 6 Melodies for violin and piano
Milton Babbit: Group of short piano pieces
Robert Helps: Nocturne for String Quartet
Mario Davidovsky: Synchronism nr 9 for Violin and Tape
Morton Feldman: Intersection (1953) for magnetic tape & The Viola in My Life (part 3)
Igor Stravinsky: Double Canon
Roger Sessions: Canons for String Quartet
Charles Wuorinen: Piano Quintet nr 1

6th of June: Alexander Ivashkin - Gavril Lipkind - Ivan Monighetti
Concert at Jaani Kirik

Bach + :3 Celli Solo

Special Guest: Sergej Roldugin (cello) and Alexander Raskatov (piano): Dolce far Niente by Raskatov
Alexander Ivashkin: JS Bach Suite nr 3 + Peteris Vasks: A Book for Cello
Gavril Lipkind: JS Bach Suite nr 6 + Gyorgy Ligeti, Sonata for Cello Solo
Ivan Monighetti: JS Bach Suite nr 2 + Valentin Silvestrov: Waltz of the Alpine Bells

7th of June: Alexander Ivashkin - Gavril Lipkind - Ivan Monighetti. Valery Gergiev conducts the Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre.

Gran Finale - The 3 celli + Orchestra + Valery Gergiev

Alexander Ivashkin: Concerto Capriccioso, Nikolaj Kordorf
Gavril Lipkind: Cello Concerto, Vytold Lutoslavski
Ivan Monighetti: Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, Erkki-Sven Tüür
Boris Tischenko: Cello Concerto Nr 2
Alexander Raskatov: Three Angels Sang: World Premiere for 3 Celli solo, 3 Boy Voices and Orchestra