As composer...

Yves Knockaert : Kunst & Cultuur

This music denies the necessity of evolution. The number of passionate states give way to the communal element of all passion : obsession.

Andre De Groeve : Gazet van Antwerpen

The composer speaks a truly personal language, ... Angelo 's richness lays also in its inventive harmonies, and is written to the soul of the instruments.

Frank Pauwels : De Gentenaar

Angelo revealed a truly grand De Clerck. ... The fire of its language caught on. ... The purity of man's despair. Above all stood the stimulating, sophisticated instrumentation.

Bo Emanuelson : Nya Wermlands Tidningen

The way in which the composer imagined the strange country, gave us an interesting musical score with true value.

Franco Quadri : La Repubblica

The string quartet is with Patrick De Clerck very active in the search for the unspeakable counterpoint.

Marcos Ordones : El Observador

The lyrical power is on its peak when Stavrogin expresses his desperate suffering, for the first and also his last time, in his song.

Giovanni Raboni : Corriere Della Sera

The narrative function of the music was very suggestive for my ears.

Claire Diez : La Libre Belgique

The breath-taking music, composed as a counterpoint to theatre.

Benjamin Henrichs : Die Zeit

Surviving is only for the musicians of the string quartet, who accompany the fall in fear of damnation with stoic sadness.

Mike Silverton : Fanfare

The music of Patrick De Clerck puts Belgium on the map of the musical world.

Barry Witherden : Gramophone

De Clerck's potent writing brings out the sense of stoical endurance, celebrating a quiet kind of optimism and courage

Maarten Beirens : De Standaard

The penetrating austerity of De Clerck's lament AI MORTI where the violinist has to sing while playing - a very striking effect.